Pryme Tyme

YMCA Pryme Tyme
Pryme Tyme is that special time before school and at the end of school for children whose parents are at work. The YMCA can make this a great time to grow, to play and to be with friends. Pryme Tyme is held at the school your child attends. Hours are from 7:00 a.m. until the start of school and the end of school until 6:00 p.m.
Pryme Tyme programs are not just supervised playgrounds. We strive to maintain a ratio that provides plenty of individual attention as well as small group activity.
A typical day at Pryme Tyme would include:
Morning Time
As children arrive in the mornings they can choose from a variety of quiet activities, such as reading and board games, as well as time to work on homework. Also, if you choose, your child can attend the breakfast program at the school.
Snack Time
Children enjoy a snack and drink in the afternoons.
Creative Time
When children arrive after a long day of school they can choose from a variety of supervised activities. Active games, sports and board games, and arts and crafts will be awaiting each child on arrival. Small group activities allow time for discussion, sharing and finding out about ourselves and others.
Reading Time
In the afternoons, the children read for at least 15 minutes each day to further develop their reading skills.
Homework Time
Because Pryme Tyme offers a variety of activities, we offer children 30 to 45 minutes of quiet time to work on their studies. If they have a specific question regarding their homework, our staff will try to assist them. However, please remember that Pryme Tyme is not able to provide tutoring or individual attention.
Pryme Tyme is held at participating elementary schools in Chatham and Effingham County. The YMCA and the local Board of Education require a minimum number of registrations to offer this service.
Pryme Tyme is currently held at: (912) 351-3622
Chatham County
Bartow Elementary
Bloomingdale Elementary
Butler Elementary
East Broad Elementary
Charles Ellis Elementary
Coastal Montessori
Gadsden Elementary
Gary City Elementary
Garrison Elementary
Georgetown Elementary
Gould Elementary
Haven Elementary
Heard Elementary
Hesse Elementary
Hodge Elementary
J.G. Smith Elementary
Islands Elementary
Isle of Hope Elementary
Largo-Tibet Elementary
Low Elementary
Marshpoint Elementary
May Howard Elementary
Pooler Elementary
Port Wentworth Elementary
Pulaski Elementary
Southwest Elementary
Southwest Middle
Spencer Elementary
Thunderbolt Elementary
West Chatham Elementary
White Bluff Elementary
Windsor Forest Elementary
Effingham County (912) 826-2199
Blandford Elementary
Ebenezer Elementary
Guyton Elementary
Marlow Elementary
Rincon Elementary
Sand Hill Elementary
South Effingham Elementary
Springfield Elementary
Liberty County   (912) 368-9622
Jordye Bacon Elementary
Button Gwinnett Elementary
Frank Long Elementary
Joseph Martin Elementary
Liberty County Pre-K School
Lyman Hall Elementary
Taylors Creek Elementary
Waldo Pafford Elementary



Please contact (912) 351-3622 for more information.