Swim Lessons

The Islands Family YMCA offers Swim Lessons year round! All lessons (Private, Semi-Private and Group) focus on stroke development, personal safety, water sports, games, and rescue. Our program is unique in our child centered learning approach with an emphasis on building self-esteem, both in and out of the water. YMCA lessons are designed to nurture the whole person– spirit, mind, and body. Please contact the front desk or visit our website for more information.


Member Rate- $40/session                                   Non-Member Rate- $60/session

Waterbabies(6-36months): This class includes water exploration for children accompanied by a parent. Instruction includes getting your child accustomed to the pool, blowing bubbles, water entry, and more.


Pike/Eel (3-5 Years, Beginner): Know pool and class rules; introduce swim aid; blow bubbles; flutter kick with assistance; jump in with or without assistance; rhythmic breathing with kickboard; dive, glide, kick swim 15ft; finning and kicking on back.


Polliwog/Guppy (6-12 Years, Beginner): Know pool rules; jump in with PFD; front flutter kick 20yds with PFD; rhythmic breathing with kickboard; paddle stroke 25yds with PFD; finning and kicking on back; kneeling glide; begin front crawl with arm movement and rhythmic breathing.


Ray/Starfish (3-5Years, Intermediate): Introduce survival float/HELP position; rhythmic breathing with kickboard; front crawl length of pool with rhythmic breathing; jump into deep water, paddle, float and return to wall; tread water for 30 seconds unassisted; back crawl length of pool; backstroke 25 yds; scissor kick 15yds; elementary backstroke.


Minnow/Fish (6-12 years, advanced): Must be able to swim 25 yds rotary breathing without floatation.  We work on survival floating, treading water, back crawl, diving, and turns; be able to swim 25 yds front crawl, 25yds back crawl, will work on longer survival floating, breaststroke kick, dolphin kick, elementary backstroke kick, and endurance in front and back crawl.


Private Swim Lessons

If you can’t find an appropriate class that fits your schedule, don’t worry because we offer private lessons. For more information or to set up a private lesson, please contact the aquatics director.

 5-30 minute sessions for $110

 30 minute session for $25

 30 minute semi-private for $35