YWCA and YMCA come together

YWCA of Brunswick Georgia and YMCA of Coastal Georgia join together to provide top programs to the Brunswick and Glynn County Community

The YWCA of Brunswick Georgia’s Board of Directors recently announced plans to partner with the YMCA of Coastal Georgia, headquartered in Savannah. Both boards signed a letter of intent, solidifying the union between the two organizations. The letter includes an 8 week timeline that outlines the transition of the Brunswick facility into an operating unit of the YMCA of Coastal Georgia, combining both organizations which will operate out of the facility at 144 Scranton Connector,  Brunswick, Ga.

Felicity Littles, President of the YW board, said: “This is another historic moment for our YWCA.  The YW has served Brunswick and the Glynn County area for almost 100 years and has a long history of providing programs and services to women and girls”. She added, “Our board felt strongly that by working with the Y and introducing YMCA programs and services that we could rely on the financial strength and management expertise that the local YMCA has shown and improve our programs and facilities; and that this would be the best option for the long-term ability of fulfilling our mission.  Both nonprofit organizations have similar values and social commitments, so the collaboration makes sense”, she said.

Herb Hubbard, Chairman of the YMCA of Coastal Georgia Board said, “After meeting with the volunteers and staff, we felt that partnering together would be of great benefit to the community.  Both organizations do great work and putting them together in the same building would be a win-win for everybody”.

“This will be a unique collaborative”, says Randy Bugos, President/CEO of the YMCA of Coastal Georgia. “There are a small number of YM-YW merges going on across the country right now, but most of them seem to create an environment where one organization or the other loses its identity. Our intention is to continue and enhance the work of the YW and to introduce YM programs and services into the County, thus strengthening both brands and helping more people. The new organization will tentatively be called the YW-YMCA of Brunswick and the Golden Isles.

The YMCA of Coastal Georgia is committed to strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility; and the Y works to help others reach their full potential by providing opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. The YM has worked towards providing these opportunities to their 12 operating units in 5 counties, currently serving over 75,000 individuals every year.  The YWCA of Brunswick Ga. currently serves 4200 people and has a 70,000 sq ft. facility that includes a gym, fitness areas, child care wing, and an indoor and out door pool, all supporting their mission to empower women and eliminate racism.