Y Teen Achievers

The YMCA of Coastal Georgia Y Achievers is a multi-cultural program that prepares youth for college readiness/career development designed to motivate teens toward high school graduation, college access, and to prepare them for successful entry into the workforce. The Y Achievers program focuses on our four core areas of achievement:

College Readiness     Career Exploration     Civic Engagement     Cause Driven Leaders

While preparing the participants for college readiness/workforce development, the teen achievers program build character, develop positive self-esteem, and foster future leadership skills. Community service projects and fundraising activities are required by all participating teen achievers. The Y Achievers is a nine-month program that runs throughout the school year and targets youth between the ages of 13- 18 years old. This program relies on volunteer mentors, guest speakers, community leaders and sponsors to accomplish its mission of changing the lives of youth in the local community.

Achievers Recieve

    Career Exploration by exposing them to an array of careers, real-world experiences and out of school opportunities with various businesses.

   Opportunities to tour a diverse array of colleges and universities. Giving many of the students a first-time perspective and future goal setting to become College Ready.

   Expands knowledge of Civic Engagement and awareness of State and world issues, building upon communication, public speaking skills, and research/writing.

   Learn to become a Cause Driven Leader by taking an active role in bringing about meaningful, ensuring change in the community through volunteer opportunities.

Through monthly cluster meetings, Achievers receive training in college application, financial aid, scholarships, resume building, etiquette, time management, and more. Every cluster meeting includes a guest speaker who shares their career field and college experience.

Each year, Achievers participate in Youth Assembly and Georgia United Nations Assembly. Both conferences engage students in the research and writing of resolutions including debating and learning about our government systems, allows students to gain leadership, lobbying and public speaking skills.

 It is important for students to see themselves in a college environment.  For this reason, Achievers attend various college tours. We select college tours based on students’ interest. We ensure that local, state and some out of state colleges are included in tours. These include vocational/certificate and four-year institutions.

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