Savannah Tree Foundation and Gulfstream Aerospace Partner with YMCA of Coastal Georgia to Plant Trees at Ys

In celebration of Georgia Arbor Day 2023, the YMCA of Coastal Georgia partnered with the Savannah Tree Foundation and Gulfstream Aerospace to plant 175 trees at five YMCA branches and other locations throughout Chatham and neighboring counties. 

The project planted trees at the Islands Family YMCA February 17—Georgia Arbor Day—and invited the public to participate in the tree-planting events and take home a free sapling. Additional tree-planting events took place at the Tybee Island YMCA & Recreation Department on Saturday, February 18, and then the Effingham YMCA Saturday, February 25. More tree-planting events will take place at the West Chatham YMCA and Habersham YMCA this fall. 

According to the Savannah Tree Foundation, recent studies show that trees can be linked to overall public health and Chatham County has been losing its tree canopy at a rate of at least three football fields a day! Trees are proven to have several positive effects on our environment and communities, including lowering temperatures by nearly 20 degrees during summertime, helping with storm water mitigation, cleaning the air we breathe, and providing habitats for native wildlife. 

“The YMCA of Coastal Georgia is committed to improving our community’s health and well-being and partnering with Savannah Tree Foundation and Gulfstream to help combat canopy loss is an effective way to meet that mission,” says YMCA of Coastal Georgia CEO Joel Smoker. “This project will help better our communities while promoting healthy green spaces and beautifying the sites for our community members to enjoy.”



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